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Sometime after 11 p. Three allegedly went into the store, while the fourth, Wellborn, stayed outside as a lookout. Pierce was the leader, police say. All of this information came out, police say, when Scott suddenly confessed last September. Over the course of four days, detectives questioned Scott for more than 18 hours. So the boys shot the four girls. According to Scott, Amy Ayers, 13, was raped by Springsteen before she was shot. Police claim that Springsteen confirmed many of Scott's details.

Last December a grand jury indicted three of the four suspects. Springsteen and Scott face the death penalty. If convicted, Pierce could spend life in prison. Welborn was not indicted. The first trial is not expected to take place until next year. Watch episodes from past seasons of 48 Hours. A wealthy labor lawyer shoots his high-profile wife from the backseat of their SUV -- he says it was an accident -- prosecutors say otherwise.

What did a jury decide? After a young woman's murder, police thought her killer was on the run … or was he? When a famed Los Angeles hairstylist is brutally murdered in his backyard, police initially believe he was a victim of a robbery gone bad -- the investigation, however, would Did an aspiring model jump off a mountain cliff or was she pushed?

Sharp Objects: who killed the Wind Gap girls?

The man accused of killing her reveals what may have happened in a new interview with "48 Hours". Basketball star-turned-tech entrepreneur Sebastien Bellin's remarkable story of recovery and his refusal to let the Brussels terrorists win. After 57 years, a former priest is on trial for murdering a young woman who had gone to him for confession -- did the church conspire with authorities to cover it up? Tried twice for allegedly killing his wife, Cory, former hard-charging prosecutor Curtis Lovelace speaks out about the case for the first time to "48 Hours". A California couple is shot dead and a daughter's body is found burned in a wheelbarrow - police have suspects until a courtroom twist changes everything.

In his only TV interview, a New York dentist vows to "48 Hours" that he didn't kill his lover's husband -- but that's not what puts him behind bars. Prosecutors say that two of Raynella Leath's husbands died suspiciously -- she says one was a suicide, the other was trampled by cattle. Is she unlucky or is she a black wido A Brooklyn woman turns to a New York private eye for help tracking down a Russian beauty she believes robbed and killed her mother.

Can they find her? When a Fort Bragg nurse fails to show up for work, worried friends rush to her apartment only to find her home burned and their friend missing. A father dreams his daughter has been killed, then she disappears -- what does her boyfriend know and could the dad's nightmare have been an omen? So, John could have gotten rid of Ann.

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Even Natalie could have gotten rid of Ann. The young Keene stuck a pencil in a classmate's eye back in Philadelphia. John told Camille he always thought Natalie and Ann were going to end up killing each other. But John's doting girlfriend, Ashley, is the one with real reasons to want to get rid of his sister. We're pretty sure Natalie didn't like Ashley much.

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The young Keene might even have taken out a piece of Ashley's earlobe with her teeth. In Episode 4, Ashley finds a blood stain underneath John's bed in the carriage house. She doesn't seem surprised. She's fast to clean it. She's also fast to point it out to the police in Episode 7. The blood was Natalie's, and John wasn't the only one with access to that place. Also, let's not forget this wanna-stay-a-cheerleader-forever girl sees murder as a sort of popularity badge.

And John doesn't want to become popular really, at least not like Ashley does. She wants to see her name in print. Adora Crellin could be the worst mom on TV. She's so bad, she even killed her precious Marian. And now we known it was a sickness caused by mama Adora, who has Munchausen syndrome by proxy , a mental disorder that leads people to harm others to get attention and admiration as the caregiver.

The subreddit is full of theorizing about Adora's supposed poisoning of Marian before Episode 7 made that plot point clear.

And if Adora was capable of killing Marian, and also making Amma sick, she could just as well have killed her two mentees if she felt they weren't giving her the devotion she deserved. We're talking about a woman who told her older daughter -- who cuts herself -- that she never loved her. And that's far from the worst thing she's done. Then again, isn't this too obvious? In that same episode we see Adora looking like this:.

Sharp Objects: who killed the Wind Gap girls? | Den of Geek

Then again, let's not forget John's words to Camille about Adora: If Adora gets points for worst TV mom, Amma deserves mention as the scariest, cruelest teenager on the small screen, though it's hard not to feel sorry for her now that we've seen the twisted mothering she's endured. She bullies and ridicules her older sister in front of the detective she believes could be Camille's love interest. She sticks chewing gum in Camille's hair. She even peer-pressures her sister to party and do drugs with her.

She throws a tantrum because a piece of furniture in her dollhouse doesn't match her mother's real house. Amma could just have decided to get rid of Natalie and Ann because she was jealous of all the attention the girls were getting from Adora. Mama takes care of me after," Amma tells Camille in Episode 7.

Camille is a journalist who might pose some danger with her reporting and Amma's the same age as the two victims. But what if he meant it the other way around? Even Marian's ghost seems compelled to warn Camille when her sister falls asleep next to Amma: Just before the murders, the girls had been seen alive at the yogurt shop as late as They had planned a sleepover for that night.

At the time of the murders, a known serial killer, Kenneth Allen McDuff , was in the area. He had a history of multiple murders involving teenagers, but was soon ruled out of the crime. Austin police admit that over fifty people, including McDuff on the day of his execution, had confessed to the yogurt shop murders. A confession in by two Mexican nationals, held by Mexican authorities, was soon disputed and finally ruled false. On Wednesday, October 6, , police in Texas and West Virginia arrested four suspects in connection with the murders. Charges were later dropped against Pierce.

Only the cases against Scott and Springsteen went to trial. The investigation was complicated by matters internal to the Austin Police Department. Detective Hector Polanco was fired for allegedly coercing confessions.

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A relationship between Springsteen's father and Austin police data-processing employee Karen Huntley prompted her transfer. In , the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Robert Springsteen's conviction on the basis of an unfair trial. Supreme Court refused to reinstate the conviction in February On Wednesday, June 24, , Judge Mike Lynch ruled, in response to Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's request that one of the trials be continued, that defendants Springsteen and Scott be freed on bond pending their upcoming trials. Later that day, Lehmberg responded to Lynch's decision with the following statement: On December 23, , Austin police officer Frank Wilson and his rookie partner conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Maurice Pierce in the northern part of the city.