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Willie’s Story

You are so strong! And often, we become exactly what we think of ourselves. Caregivers play an essential role in stroke recovery. We truly understand and appreciate their challenges. We held this Caregiver Ten years ago, I suffered the catastrophic complications of stroke. I was unable to walk, talk, write or even make basic movements. The stroke left me mentally and physically debilitated, but yet in many ways it truly transformed me as an individual and person.

Do you have a mental list of all the things you want to be able to do? If so, write it down! Crime Lowest crime relative to the rest of Auglaize county.

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Demographics Get a feel for the community. Full amount stated on Document. Median Sale Price for View more Sales Trends in I was shocked when I had a stroke.

I ran 5 miles a day with my dog. I had my blood pressure under control with medication. I ate healthy foods, no sugar, very little salt. I drank one drink a week on the weekends. I had a stroke. It was so sudden. Based on my lifestyle, I was not the one to have a stroke.

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I had lived through colon cancer and chemo and nothing compares to a stroke. I asked God to let me die versus living this way.


The pain and torment is unbearable. Those plans are a joke now. Their frustration led to a decline in the relationships and my physical impairments stopped them from touching me. I was left alone a lot and then began to lose hope on having any semblance of a close relationship with my family. My friends stepped in and are very supportive but lonliness is just part of my life now.

Most doctors and nurses just write you off. They give you no hope. I want people to know about stroke.


Not enough attention is being paid to and anybody can have a stroke.