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Target entered high-profile design partnerships across merchandise lines, from apparel to kitchenware to food. In apparel, it partnered with Mossimo and Isaac Mizrahi and launched new lines that complemented its own private labels, such as Cherokee, Merona, and Xhilaration. Each brand has a specific positioning so that Target's overall assortment appeals to a broad customer base. Target's home assortment also includes brands created by famous designers that are available only in its stores. Philippe Starck's Starck Reality line was introduced in May , followed by Michael Grave's Design assortment, which includes home and office decor products.

Recently, in partnership with chef Ming Tsai, Target introduced Blue Ginger, a line of original food products combining Western dishes with a hint of Asian flavors. Although many retailers have design partnerships, each partnership is unique. With a few exceptions, what matters is not that you have some exclusives with specific designers, but rather how you exploit them. For Target, its design partnerships provided a theme for its advertising, and creating synergy between the two main strands of its branding: Through consistent marketing and communication, Target has transformed its signature bull's-eye logo into a lifestyle symbol.

The bull's-eye is recognized by 96 percent of American consumers and considered a brand icon in a class with Nike's swoosh and McDonald's arches. In Target ran a twelve-month national campaign in unusual spots: Ads could also be seen on walls of buildings in New York and in bus shelters from Miami to Philadelphia.

The Growth Gears

Another featured a fashionably dressed woman holding a waffle iron with which she had apparently crimped her hair. Both ads used the tagline "Fashion and housewares" in the lower right corner.

More recently, the "bull's-eye world" spots, displaying a funky retro pop culture place where happy blondes serve red bull's eye-shaped Jell-O molds, was awarded the Marketer of the Year award by Advertising Age nineteen years after Wal-Mart won. Target has also engaged in "dimensional advertising"; using unconventional marketing programs to reinforce its message.

In it launched a bridal registry program, Club Wedd. The registry quickly became the largest in the world, surpassing Macy's long-established program and confirming Target's upscale positioning relative to Wal-Mart and Kmart. Other successful programs include:.

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  2. The White Woman on the Green Bicycle?
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  4. Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Postmulticulturalism: Shifting the Locus of Learning in Urban Teacher Education.

The success of Target illustrates the importance of distinctive communications in achieving long-lasting differentiation on anything other than price. Target is still a mass merchandiser, providing category basics such as low prices, comprehensive assortment, and shopping convenience. It is not a niche brand, but, through its commitment to design and innovative marketing communications, it has managed to depart sufficiently from Wal-Mart in terms of image and branding to build loyalty among a large and attractive segment of the American population and to grow its business extremely profitably.

Reprinted by permission of Harvard Business School Press. Excerpt from Simply Better: Drbul, of Lehman Brothers in "Target Corporation: Review of Retail Seminar Presentation," 7 May , New York, 7 in which, among other topics, he described what consumers liked and disliked about Target relative to Wal-Mart. It is based on a survey of Target and Wal-Mart shoppers.

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