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Basic Processing to Optimize Your Portraits. The Present Your Work Collection. Evernote in 60 Mins. Fractions for First Graders. What makes it even more appealing is how relatively light it is for what it can do, thanks to its lightweight Class D amplifier and ABS thermoplastic enclosure. This active speaker is equipped with an 8" woofer and a 1. Finally, since it has a built-in mixer with dedicated level knobs for each of its three inputs, the Yamaha DXR8 can double as a portable PA system if the need arises. The Yamaha DXR8 is loved by many because of its good balance of sound quality and portability.

Many are surprised at how loud it can be, while retaining the characteristic crisp sound provided for by smaller 8" speakers. It also helps that its build quality is top notch. Good reports continue to pour in from mobile DJs, musicians, sound technicians, event organizers, and even from those who simply want to listen to music at home. As a testament to how good it is, there aren't any noteworthy complaints other than a few shipping issues, which are unrelated to the speaker's quality.

Changes include increased power to the LF driver by taking some away from the HF driver where it's less needed , max SPL Sound Pressure Level and improved low-frequency extension, all of which add even more value to the original K8's design. To be specific, the K8. Another important feature of this speaker is its built-in DSP, which lets you customize or use built-in presets, for quick fine tuning to match venues and sound sources.

10 Best Active Studio Monitors 2018

The general sentiment is positive, with many users describing the speaker as great sounding and remarkable. Many are impressed with its clear midrange, including guitarists who use it in conjunction with modern guitar processors in place of a traditional guitar amp. It is also reported to work well for singers, speaking engagements and other events. Speakers with 10" woofers have more low-end than their 8" counterparts. They generally have enough volume to handle small venues, but may still be lacking bottom end for certain bass heavy musical styles.

You'll find these speakers used in many small indoor venues. The DXR10 sits in the sweetspot where portability, sound quality and power meets, carrying over the same features as the bigger DXR Series speakers from Yamaha, albeit with a smaller 10" woofer, compact cabinet frame, and lighter weight. Weighing in at just In addition, it also sports a built-in 3-channel mixer that makes it a viable samll PA system, complementing its portable profile.

Warm and portable are two descriptive words that summarizes what the market feels about the Yamaha DXR Users from various musical backgrounds were impressed by its warm sound, including musicians who use this speaker in conjunction with their keyboards or electric guitar rig.

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In addition to sounding nice, many consider the weight to power ratio to be just right for mobile use. There were a few users found the DXR10's bass to be lacking, but other than that, most users have nothing but good words for it. If you are looking for a portable, reliable and great sounding 10" powered speaker, then check out the Yamaha DXR The DBR series from Yamaha is designed to give us more options in the portable powered speaker market.

And it looks like they hit the jackpot with the DBR10, because it continues to rake in positive reviews from DJs, musicians, sound engineers and many more. For a speaker with 10" woofer, the DBR10 is loud, but more importantly it is incredibly light for what it can do at just This makes it ideal for performers who have to carry their own PA equipment.

The Best Powered PA Speakers - Up to $1,500

Interestingly, many of the features found in the more expensive DXR series are available in the DBR series, albeit with less output power. Many were impressed by how loud the DBR10 is, especially when considering its weight and size. Reviews report that it works great as Front of House loudspeaker for small to medium size venues. But it's not limited to just FOH duties, because musicians found it to be ideal for personal monitor use be it for amp modelers, electric drums, keyboards and more. If you're looking for more low-end punch, then this is the section that you should look into.

They are a bit bulky, but are still reasonably portable. Consequently, the enclosure is bigger and the overall weight is a bit heavier, which results in a slightly more emphasized bottom end when compared with its smaller sibling. Market sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, with users and experts alike giving the DXR12 top marks for its great balance of quality and value for money. A good number of musicians pointed to its clarity, even at high volumes, as its best trait.

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Durability and the flexibility of having 3 channels also made this an easy pick for musicians who are looking for an all-in-one powered speaker solution. There were a few that wished for better handle positioning, while others cautioned that the DXR12 is quite heavy.

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On the plus side, there are no notable complaints about Yamaha DXR12's sound and build quality. Check out the Yamaha DXR12 if you are in the market for a reliable and good value 12" powered speaker. It also has a built in DSP limiter and crossover presets for better pairing with subwoofers. Max SPL is dB, so these speakers are not meant to handle bigger venues by themselves.

Even those who were skeptical found themselves liking the performance of this speaker after giving it a try. Its clear sound and solid build were well received, a true workhorse loudspeaker that's budget friendly. There were a few who recommend careful handling because that the exterior is easy to scratch. While this speaker is a bit heavy at If you're looking for a great bang per buck powered speaker that can handle different venues then do check out the Elevtro-Voice ZLXP.

The loudest member of the QSC K. This means that the well received K12 just got better, while carrying over the same top notch build and sound quality that people have come to expect from its predecessor. With its 12" woofer, you can expect a fuller sound with more low end, but it is still compatible with sub-woofers, thanks to its user adjustable crossover frequency. One user aptly put it, "QSC has outdone themselves" with the K Reviews are full of commendations from users who are impressed with its overall performance.

With many reporting that it works well with mobile DJ setups, full band setups, conferences, weddings and other events. Its solid build also got a lot of thumbs up from experienced users who are very happy with how solid and durable the K Of the few complaints it currently has, nothing stands out, other than a few comments from those who find the price to be a bit steep. The Eurolive BD is a testament to Behringer's improving quality and continued popularity, convincing even critics that affordable doesn't always mean compromised quality.

This speaker features a 12" woofer and a 1. Other features include 2-band EQ control, integrated DSP for speaker protection, and integrated mixer. Compatibility with Behringer's Ultralink ULM wireless systems add to the already good value for money that this speaker brings to the table. Reviews are consistent in saying that this speaker sounds really excellent, especially for the price.

Some even report that they've been using it for many regular gigs without fail. While there are still a few who say that quality still needs improvement, they are now vastly outnumbered by positive reviews from musicians, DJs and other users. Still this is something that proper handling should be able to address, and its not like these speakers will easily break, because some reviewers have used them for years without fail. If you're looking for a budget friendly 12" powered speaker for your instrument or for your PA, the BD is the way to go.

These are mostly used in bigger venues, preferred by DJs and event organizers who are looking for speakers that can handle low-end thump. Rock bands who are looking for a fuller sound when performing live will also appreciate the punchy bass that these speakers provide. Yamaha's reputation for quality and value for money is applied to most, if not all, their products, including their active PA speakers which continue to dominate the market.

The top rated Yamaha DXR15 powered showcases why Yamaha continues to be at the forefront - combining good features with impeccable quality, while retaining an appealing price tag. As the name implies, this one houses a bigger 15" woofer, which allows for more bottom end emphasis.

The woofer is paired with a 1. And since it can be positioned on the floor or on stands, this loud PA speaker is easy to add into existing setups. Note that the DXR15 is quite heavy at DJs, Electronic musicians and even bands find the DXR15's expanded low frequency to be more than satisfactory. The clarity of its low end, even when driven hard, exceeded the expectations of many.

Almost all reviewers agree that this speaker is really loud, allowing some bands and DJs to perform without the need for a dedicated subwoofer. There's not much to complain about other than it's expected bulk and weight, and this is reflected in a few reviews. If you're looking for a versatile powered speaker with more volume and bottom end, the Yamaha DXR15 is your best pick. The Yamaha DSR is a powered active speaker that's meant to handle bigger venues with its W Dynamic power rating, 15" woofer and 2" tweeter.

And since it has big woofers, it can reproduce deep low-end frequencies without any problems, and you don't have to worry about overloading the speaker because it comes with built-in DSP limiter. Speaking of DSP, it comes with Yamaha's D-Contour technology, which constantly monitors and adjusts frequencies for optimal sound quality. This allows the DSR to sound good regardless of volume level. Finally, it is housed in coated wood enclosure, which provides solid protection, at the cost of being quite heavy.

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Excellent and awesome are just two of the many positive adjectives that have been used to describe the Yamaha DSR Most of its high ratings are attributed to its low-end punch and overall volume, while others also appreciate its clarity. Reliability is also one of its strong points, as attested to by users who reported using the speakers for extended periods without any problems.

Aside from its expected bulk and weight, we didn't find any stand-out concerns that should be mentioned here. This bigger woofer is paired with the same 1. Combining all the features together makes for a bulky and heavy speaker at 42 lbs, but it is an expected inconvenience that many DJs and electronic musicians are willing to accept. More and more users add to the ZLXP's ever growing list of satisfied customers, most of them stating that it is a great value loud speaker, especially for those who need more bottom end, without having to resort to a subwoofer.

And it's not just DJs and EDM musicians, because it also got a lot of thumbs up from bands and singing groups. One of the few concerns about this speaker is its lack of output volume max SPL of just dB , especially when considering its size. Ironically, a some commented that the limiter is protecting the speaker too much, resulting in actual output reduction at times. If you're looking for an affordable speaker that reproduces good low end for small venues, then you'll want to consider this one. These are premium 15" speakers meant for medium to big venue use. Check these out if you want to get the best of what this price range has to offer.

And it's not surprising because this three way powered loudspeaker can get really low and loud, while still retaining the sound quality expected from QSC. Being big and loud has its obvious drawbacks, which is its bulk and weight, but this is to be expected when you're looking for more volume or a more permanent installation. Market response to the QSC KW is overwhelmingly positive, pointing to its sound quality and reliability as its stand out features. Users from various backgrounds chimed in with their commendations, including professional musicians, DJs, event organizers, sound technicians and more.

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  • There was one who even commended this speaker for being good at reproducing classical style music, a testament to its clarity and incredible sonic detail. There really aren't any repeating complaints about this speaker, aside from a few who experienced shipping issues. With its 15" woofer, you get extended low end that can handle most musical applications, while the W Continuous RMS amplifier is more than enough to handle medium to big size venues.

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